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Agency Recommendation Summaries

The individual agency recommendation summaries display the dollar and FTE differences between each agency’s current 2011-13 expenditure authority and the revised biennial budget proposed by the Governor. 

An asterisk (*) at the end of the item indicates expenditure changes that are dependent upon new revenue legislation.  Expenditures requiring other types of legislation are identified by a pound sign (#) at the end of the item label. 

Six statewide adjustments appear in numerous agency budgets: 

Entire Recommendation Summaries Document. This version of the document also contains the 2012 capital plan project list, a fund summary, and proposed alternate financing projects.



Governmental operations

Human services - DSHS

Human services - Other

Natural resources and recreation


Kindergarten through grade 12 education

Higher education

Other education

Special appropriation agencies

Statewide expenditure summary