One Washington: Core Financial Systems Project

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Governance Structure

Roadmap Program Governance Structure

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Executive Sponsors

Stan Marshburn, Office of Financial Management
Director, Department of Information Services (vacant)

Steering Committee

Stan Marshburn, Office of Financial Management
Director, Department of Information Services (vacant)
Eva Santos, Department of Personnel
Department of Social and Health Services (vacant)
Linda Bremer, Department of General Administration
Denise Doty, Department of Corrections
Pat Kohler, Liquor Control Board
Bill Ford, Department of Transportation
Marcus Glasper, Department of Revenue
Viji Murali, Washington State University
Governor's Office (vacant)

Program Director

Sadie Rodriguez-Hawkins, Office of Financial Management

Program Management Office

Bruce Gorsky, Office of Financial Management
Lee Hall, Office of Financial Management

The Roadmap Advisory Group

Consists of business and technical representatives from the following state agencies, boards, commissions and higher education institutions:

Administrative Office of the Courts
Central Washington University
Community Trade and Economic Development
Department of Agriculture
Department of Corrections
Department of Ecology
Department of Financial Institutions
Department of Fish and Wildlife
Department of General Administration
Department of Health
Department of Information Services
Department of Labor and Industries
Department of Licensing
Department of Natural Resources
Department of Personnel
Department of Printing
Department of Retirement Systems
Department of Revenue
Department of Social and Health Services
Department of Transportation
Eastern Washington University
Employment Security Department
Health Care Authority
Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program Committee
Liquor Control Board
Military Department
Office of Financial Management
Office of the Attorney General
Office of the Secretary of State
Office of the State Auditor
Office of the State Treasurer
Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
State Lottery
State Parks and Recreation Committee
The Evergreen State College
University of Washington
Washington State Patrol
Western Washington University