One Washington: Core Financial Systems Project

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Information Technology (IT) Costs

March 1, 2010    Memo   Attachment 1   Attachment 2   Attachment 3


Meeting Materials

Roadmap Agency Advisory Group

Nov. 12, 2008    Handout   Handout including Results    Meeting Notes

Oct. 23, 2008    Handout   Meeting Notes

Sep. 29, 2008   Handout    Meeting Notes

Sep. 18, 2008    Handout   Handout including Results    Meeting Notes

Jul. 30, 2008   Handout   Meeting Notes

Jun. 25, 2008   Handout  EDD/COA Update to Advisory Group

May 28, 2008   Handout

Roadmap Steering Committee

Sept. 26, 2008    Handout including Results


Sep. 15, 2008   New Higher Education Advisory Group member orientation

May 19, 2008   New Roadmap Advisory Group member orientation

Apr. 25, 2008   Statewide Financial Systems Informational Session slides

Apr. 24, 2008   SAP Informational Session slides

Mar. 20, 2008   ERP Overview slides


Summer 2010 Edition of The Connection

The Connection is a quarterly newsletter published by the Accounting and Information Services Divisions of the Office of Financial Management. This publication includes articles on the Roadmap program and related projects and initiatives.

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